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Our House System

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Our House system is an integral part of our school life at Woldgate School, and our pupils take real pride in their House achievements.


Our pupils join a House in Year 7, and remain in their House throughout their time at Woldgate School.  Pupils take part in House competitions throughout the year.

Find out more about our House system below.


Our School Houses

Our House system supports our School ethos, that everything we do should be worth of great merit, character and value. The House System gives our pupils even more opportunities to contribute to the school community, whilst developing friendships and teamwork across pupils  f all ages.

House Competitions

Each House is made up of at least one Form Group from each Year Group and pupils attend House Assemblies every half-term. House Enrichment Days take place across the year and there are a range of competitions and events taking place all year round. 

Each House is run by a Staff House Captain, who organises House events, competitions and assemblies.  Pupils are able to earn House Points for actions, efforts, achievements and competitions throughout everyday school life and these are added to their House total, with House ranking points published in the School Newsletter.


House Rewards

‘House Star’ badges are awarded to ‘House Heroes’ for a wide range of academic and other achievements. These are awarded by the House Captains, often on the recommendations of Form Tutors and recognise commitment to school, outstanding sporting or performing arts achievements both inside and outside of school. They are also awarded for community contributions to the school and wider community and for volunteering. Pupils wear their House Star badges with pride.

House Enrichment Days

House Enrichment Days take place three times a year and are an opportunity for pupils to work with other pupils on new challenges or in ways that are not normally possible during the school week.

Typically pupils are given the opportunity to work with others from their own House, across different year groups and forms. Activities are challenging, creative and engaging and many pupils shine in ways not normally available to them. There is a great focus on community and teamwork as well as the key life skills of resilience, enterprise and problem solving.

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Joining a House

Every pupil belongs to a House, and pupils will be told which House they are joining before the Summer holidays. Each House has its own colour, and this is reflected in pupils’ ties. 

Our pupils are very proud of their Houses and we hope you enjoy all the events and activities they have to offer.

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